Welcome to ISAAME Forum 2017

Once again Kolkata with it’s mascot Babu is looking forward to welcoming delegates not only from the member countries of ISAAME but from all over the world in December 2017. The Kolkata forum will provide a platform to share ideas and to learn from each other. We promise you three days of fun and laughter, debates and discussions, service and fellowship. We will together set trends in the second century of service.


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Celebrating the Power of Serving Together

ISAAME has a unique combination of many people who can serve, and many people who need service. If we can connect the two sides, then this region will become the most powerful in the world.

International President Naresh Aggarwal

Good things happen when Lions get together. That was true when our founder Melvin Jones first brought together service-oriented businessmen in Chicago in 1917 and it remains true today. The Forum will present opportunities to renew friendships and create new ones but, more significantly, it will allow you to further your many service activities.

VP Gudrun Bjort Yngvodottir

As we kick off a start of new century with a great leader from ISAAME, your participation and support is highly visible.The ISAAME forum is important because it not only brings Lions together from India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East, but the potential it possess in leadership.

VP Jung Yul Choi

Do not miss the golden opportunity and be a part of the Forum, availing many opportunities including Meeting the Leadership of our Lions Clubs International.

ID Aruna Oswal , Forum Liaison

Babu namaskar