About Ability Unlimited:
AUF is a registered civil society, non-profit making social service organization for the benefit of differently abled people irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour and creed. AUF strives to break this vicious circle through a holistic and dynamic programme aimed at recognizing, nurturing, and enabling the hidden potential and talents within the differently abled youngsters. It is committed to changing the apathy, negativity and fear that surrounds the education, employment and arts through the specially designed therapeutic education, vocational training and professional dance-theatre performances with innovative methodology as it firmly believes in the fact that “seeing is believing. It gives the message of equality, dignity, equal opportunities and full participation and protection of their rights so that they can be on the same platform as the non-disabled.
AUF recognizes that persons with disabilities are valuable human resource for the country. AUF creates awareness among the masses about the abilities of differently abled and makes people sensitive towards their needs. AUF created Guinness World Record and Limca World Record for outstanding performances which are first of its kind in the world.