Singer/Songwriter, philanthropist, Planet 5050 Youth Champion with the United Nations, public speaker, movement maker, role model; Tennille Amor is “More Than Music.” Her brand is steadily growing across a number of platforms, and her desire to unite people of every race, class, and creed around the world is what fuels her passionate drive.

Tennille’s music is a fusion of mainstream pop, meaningful hip-hop, and her soulful reggae roots. Originally from Trinidad, Tennille has lived all over the world, including Scotland, Egypt, Singapore, and England. She is currently based in New York. ‘I Am a Girl,’ a song released on International Women’s Day, 2016, at the United Nations, about Gender Equality and Female Empowerment is Tennille’s latest single, which is an anthem for women and girls around the world to believe in their ability to become anything they want to be in life.

Tennille co-founded the non-profit organization, E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change), and through it, she drills clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa, providing hygiene and sanitation education programs in each village, while motivating other Everyday People to Initiate positive Change in the world in whatever ways they feel inspired to. (

The A.M.O.R. Movement (Artists Motivating Optimistic Revolution) is Tennille’s latest venture.
Tennille is a trained actor, talented creative writer on varying platforms, recognized and respected leader, and has spoken at a number of events. Tennille is a United Nations Youth Champion for Planet 50-50 by 2030, she has been featured on MTV on a few occasions, is currently an #Earthmover for CAT Footwear, was a ghost writer for a social media campaign recently released by one of the biggest names on the music scene, was the global brand ambassador for Quiksilver Women for 5 years, was part of a huge marketing campaign for JetBlue,

By continuing to grow her brand over the next few years, Tennille Amor will be one of the leaders in the conscious movement of light and love that is becoming recognized as being of utmost importance in a time when our world is vastly divided and in need of tremendous healing. Her spiritual grounding and foundation keep her humble, reminding her that while we are all still so small in the large scope of the universe, every little thing we do can make a massive impact on the world at large, which is why she believes it is so important to use our platforms for good. Through her work, Tennille hopes to be a vessel of LOVE to those who need it most.